"Craig is a great bass player. He's easy to work with on gigs or in the studio and plays several styles with ease."

Pete McCann, Guitarist/Composer/Educator

New York, NY

"This guy has a huge woody sound -- what I would have given for an unaccompanied bass solo!"

Robert Bush, San Diego Reader

San Diego, CA

"In addition to his expertly honed chops, Craig brings an innovative creativity and soulful musicality that raises the bar for everyone else."

Aimee Allen, Vocalist

New York, NY

"When Craig comes into the studio I already know the bottom of this mix is going to kill. His feeling and musicianship is unmatched in my book." 

Jon Castelli, The Hit Lab

Los Angeles

"TONE!...few of us think about our sound as much as Craig does. He can play in any style, in any key, read charts or improvise. Whether it's on upright or electric bass, Craig is a total pro, a great musician and a great guy."

Nathan Bliss, Barnaby Bright

"Akin is equally impressive on electric bass or upright.  He's got enormous technique, great imagination, and an approach to his instrument that is unusual and fresh."

Rich Hill, Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Kansas City, MO


Get in touch!

Welcome! I'm an upright and electric bass player in NYC. I play shows, tour, and record all around the US. I also rent and sell upright basses in New York and Kansas City, and I'm a dealer of the famous Bass Buggie. Every situation is unique, contact me about rates and I'll get back to you! Peace, Craig

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