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Upright Bass Rentals

Coming to New York or Kansas City and need a bass?

Contact me here for rental rates and delivery info. 

Ellis Paul 8.5x11 drawings PNG.png

Available in New York City

2004 Shen SB-100 upright bass

-41.5" string length
-low tension
-adjustable bridge
-Full Circle pickup
-Spirocore strings
-bass buggie

-German or French bow
-reasonable rates
-short term or long term rental
-delivery and pickup available

*Also available Kay or Eastman bass

Available in Kansas City

2005 Eastman upright bass

-fully carved
-41.5 string length
-sloping shoulders
-nicely setup
-ebony fingerboard
-adjustable bridge
-Realist & Full Circle pickup
-Spirocore strings
-German or French bow 
-bass buggie

GK MB 150 amp

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