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I recorded this with my Fender American Deluxe 5 string electric with active pickups, such a fun tune to play. Written by Goodnight Moonshine (Molly Venter & Eben Pariser).

Nice groove on the Abbie Gardner record "Hope". Bass is my antique Tyrolean upright. Groove was inspired by the Elvis Presley arrangement of "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues". 

Paul Simon classic done by Red Molly. Here I'm using my '67 Harmony H-22 hollowbody with a pick. I love getting the pick vibe whenever possible. 

From jazz guitarist Martin Schulte's record "Pieces of Astoria". At the last moment before recording I suggested a bass solo for the intro, such a fun groovy tune. Bass is my antique Tyrolean.  

Sometimes I get to play my Fender fretless jazz electric bass in the studio and it's always fun. Here's a song by my friend Marc Douglas Berardo on his record "Whalebone". 

I take my '73 Fender Precision bass everywhere. Here it is on this great song by Barnaby Bright (Nathan and Becky Bliss). Recorded on Long Island for the album "Gravity". 

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Keep the Spark - Goodnight Moonshine
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Walking Cane - Abbie Gardner
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Homeward Bound - Red Molly
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Dancing Teen - Martin Schulte
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Hotel on the Bay - Marc Douglas Berardo
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Don't Look Down - Barnaby Bright
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