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Basses for Sale

Looking to buy an upright bass from a pro? You came to the right place. I don't let anything out of my house that's not solid and dependable. And I will go above and beyond to make sure you don't buy a bass that's not right for your needs. Take a look below and reach out with any questions here.  

*SOLD* 1954 Kay M-1              

Here's your classic thumping Kay bass ready to gig. Solid healthy body, no open seams or cracks, soundpost patch inside, secure bass bar, original working endpin, original tailpiece with metal logo, tight and straight neck, new bridge with adjusters, Pirastro Obligato strings, KNA DB-1 pickup installed, great for jazz, country, bluegrass. Check out the video right here!

*SOLD* 1970 Engelhardt ES9 

Engel bought the Kay factory in 1969 and in the process acquired their leftover parts. This bass is one of 500 started by Kay and finished by Engel. Some people call it an EngelKay. Recent love includes new ebony fingerboard and neck reset. Mint condition and a huge sound, easily play a bar gig with no amp on this beast. You don't find them in mint condition too often. Oh and did I mention how big the sound is? Strung with Velvet Animas strings giving it that old school gut vibe. 

*SOLD* Otto Benjamin hybrid

Made in 2013 by Eastman Strings, this hybrid model MB300B has a carved spruce top, laminated ribs and back, ebony fingerboard, adjustable bridge, brass plate tuners. Absolute mint condition, plays very fast and easy. Excellent for entry and intermediate level jazz/orchestra. 

Body length 43.5"

Rib depth 8.5"

Upper bouts 19"

Center bouts 14"

Lower bouts 26"

String length 41.75"

19th century Tyrolean flatback $11,500 *NO longer available*

From around 1880, this German shop bass has a deep, complex, seasoned tone. Loads of character in sound and appearance make it a continuous conversation starter. Originally made without a neck block, one was added during restoration. As well as new bass bar, new back bracing, rib work, inside liners, and fingerboard and touchup. 

Body length 42.75”
Rib depth 8.30”
Upper bouts 20.75”
Center bouts 15”
Lower bouts 25.50”
String length 41.50”
Overstand 38mm
Projection 162mm

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